Hi Friends,

This is Anupama. Welcome to my blog 'BankerTomorrow'. I am from Hyderabad, Telangana. I finished my graduation and now preparing for a government job, most particularly a bank job. I love two things, one is working with computers and drawings. Working on computers doesn't mean that I am a Techy.

Here is the place where I can do both the things that I love, I mean preparing for my exams and also draw at the same time. All the images on this blog are drawn manually by me and then edited in MS Paint and Powerpoint. Hope you like them.

And also I expect a small respect for my work. In this blog I am not using any script that restricts the content or images from copying or saving. You are free to save that, but please let the credit be mine.

I also contribute images to some of my friend's blogs. I will mention them below. They are making their beginning, just like me.

I hope my work, both the study material and my drawings will inspire you and also help you in your preparation. I feel very happy, if my work helps you at least to the minimum.

And this is all, I can tell you about me, now. May be in the coming days, I might tell you much more about me. If you wish to share something with me, contact me through my contact page or mail me directly to anupamadhriti@gmail.com.

Thank you friends.

All the best for your preparation!!

My friend's blogs: RBI Grade B Officers

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