April 01, 2020

General awareness for SSC CGL CHSL and RRB NTPC exams #25

General awareness for SSC CGL, CHSL and RRB NTPC exams 

General awareness for SSC CGL, CHSL and RRB NTPC exams
  1. Who founded the Mauryan empire?
  2. Who is the last of Nanda rulers?
  3. Who is the intelligent and politically astute Brahmin of Chandragupta?
  4. Greek accounts mention Chandragupta Maurya as
  5. Who defeated Dhana Nanda, by which the foundations of the Mauryan empire was laid?
  6. Who was the Greek ambassador at Chandragupta’s court?
  7. Chandragupta Maurya abdicated the throne and went to Karnataka with whom?
  8. Where did Chandragupta Maurya starve himself to death, which is a Jain tradition?
  9. Who is the second ruler of the Mauryan Empire, and also the son of Chandragupta Maurya?
  10. What are the titles of Bindusara?
  11. Who was the Greek ambassador at the court of Bindusara?
  12. Who is the teacher as well as the chief minister of Chandragupta Maurya?
  13. What is the other name of Chanakya?
  14. Who wrote Arthashastra?
  15. Who rediscovered Arthashastra, which disappeared in the 12th century?


  1. Chandragupta Maurya
  2. Dhana Nanda
  3. Kautilya
  4. Sandrokottos
  5. Chandragupta Maurya
  6. Megasthenes
  7. Jain monk Bhadrabahu
  8. Shravanabelagola
  9. Bindusara
  10. Amitraghata or Amitrochates
  11. Deimachus
  12. Chanakya
  13. Vishnugupta
  14. Chanakya
  15. R Shamasastry in 1905

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