October 16, 2020

General Awareness for SSC CGL, CHSL, RRB NTPC exams #27

General Awareness for SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, RRB NTPC, and Other Exams

General Awareness for RRB NTPC Exam
  1. What is the Allahabad pillar inscription known as? 
  2. What is the original name of Mahabharata?
  3. When did the Ashoka Chakravarthy embrace Buddhism?
  4. Who presided over the fourth Buddhist council? 
  5. Which commission recommended the reservation for the other backward classes? 
  6. Among the different land Reform measures that were implemented in India which one can be said to have been fully implemented by now in India? 
  7. Who chaired the boundary commission in 1947 to demarcate the boundary line between India and Pakistan? 
  8. Which country has become the first country in the world to receive funds from the United Nations for fast for its fast-growing solar Home systems? 
  9. Who introduced Surkhi in Indian architecture? 
  10. How many times did Babur invade India before 1526 AD? 
  11. In which session of the Indian National Congress was the Purna Swaraj announced? 
  12. Who was the prime minister of England when India was given independence? 
  13. Who introduced the permanent land settlement in Bengal? 
  14. Who founded Din-I-Ilahi? 
  15. Which concept is related to Sadr-us-Sadr? 
  16. In which year did the Gandhi Irwin pact was signed? 
  17. Who built Fatehabad? 
  18. During which time Period Vedic literature composite composed? 
  19. Which pact was thought to be resolved The Hindu Muslim differences?


  1. Prayaga Prashati
  2. Jay Samhita 
  3. After the Kalinga War  
  4. Vasumitra 
  5. Mandal Commission 
  6. Consolidation of Holdings 
  7. Mac Mohan 
  8. Bangladesh 
  9. Sultanate Sultans 
  10. 5 times 
  11. Lahore 
  12. Atlee 
  13. Lord Cornwallis 
  14. Akbar 
  15. Judicial administration 
  16. 1931 
  17. Firoz Shah Tughlaq
  18. Between 2500 BC and 500 BC new plan 
  19. Lucknow Pact

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