March 31, 2019

General Science : General awareness for SSC CGL, CHSL & RRB NTPC exams #18

General awareness for SSC CGL, CHSL and RRB NTPCexams

General science

  1. What is the study of Dreams called?
  2. What is the fastest nervous speed?
  3. Who invented DNA?
  4. What is the condition in which the concentration of glucose in the blood is very low?
  5. Approximately how many litres of oxygen does the blood in the body of the human carries to the cells of the body every day?
  6. In the disease meningitis, which organ of the body is affected?
  7. Which virus causes the disease chicken pox which has symptoms of a high fever and reddish eruptions on the body?
  8. In which disease the muscles of the children are loose and?
  9. What is the chemical name of vitamin A?
  10. The disease xerophthalmia is caused due to the deficiency of which vitamin?
  11. What are the water-soluble vitamins? 
  12. Who invented vitamins?
  13. What is the hormone released when there is an excess of calcium in the blood present?
  14. What is the gland situated in the depression of the spinner and bone of the forehead?
  15. What is the total number of bones of the ribs?


  1. Oneirology
  2. 532 kilometres per hour
  3. James Watson and Crick
  4. Hypoglycemia
  5. 350 litres
  6. Brain
  7. Variola virus
  8. Marasmus
  9. Retinol
  10. Vitamin A
  11. Vitamins B and C
  12. Sir FG Hopkins
  13. Calcitonin
  14. Pituitary gland
  15. 24

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