April 07, 2019

General awareness for SSC CGL, SSC CHSL and RRB NTPC exams #20

General awareness for SSC CGL, SSC CHSL and RRB NTPC exams

General awareness for SSC CGL, SSC CHSL and RRB NTPC exams

  1. The vice president is the ex officio Chairman of Rajya Sabha is the feature of the Indian Constitution borrowed from which country?
  2. Which article describes India as the union of states?
  3. In which case concept of basic structure was introduced?
  4. In which case it was observed that the word law includes only the ordinary law?
  5. When do we observe Samvidhan Diwas(Constitutional Day)?
  6. What type of body is the Council of Ministers?
  7. The Council of Ministers shall not exceed what percent of the strength of Lok Sabha?
  8. Which Amendment Act makes the aid and advice by the Council of Ministers binding on the president?
  9. Which amendment curtailed the property rights?
  10. The cabinet was not defined in the original constitution rather added by article 352 under which Constitutional Amendment Act?
  11. Which article says that all the executive actions are taken in the name of the President?
  12. Which article says that it is the duty of the prime minister to communicate all the decisions of the Council of Ministers to the president?
  13. Which article says that there shall be Council of Ministers with Prime Minister as the head?
  14. In case of death or resignation of _____, the Council of Ministers dissolves automatically.
  15. For how long the vice president can act as president of India?


  1. United States
  2. Article 1
  3. Kesavananda Bharati case
  4. Shankari Prasad case
  5. November 26
  6. Constitutional body
  7. 15%
  8. 42nd amendment act
  9. First amendment
  10. 44th Constitutional Amendment Act
  11. Article 77
  12. Article 78
  13. Article 74
  14. Prime Minister
  15. 6 months

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