April 22, 2019

February 2019 current affairs for SBI, SSC, RBI grade B officers exams #1

February 2019 current affairs for SBI, SSC, RBI grade B officers exams
February 2019 current affairs for SBI, SSC, RBI grade B officers exams

  1. Which city will be the world's fastest growing city in the 2019-2035 period, as per the Global economic Research report prepared by Oxford economics?
  2. Where did Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the national Salt Satyagraha memorial and the Statue of Mahatma Gandhi and 80 Satyagrahis?
  3. In which year did the historic Dandi salt march happened?
  4. As per the budget 2019 no income tax for earnings upto how much amount it?
  5. Individuals with gross income of to dash need not pay any tax if they make investments in provident funds and prescribed equities?
  6. When is the world wetlands day observed every year?
  7. 94 what is the theme of the world wetlands day 2019?
  8. Who was appointed as the interim CEO of Yes Bank?
  9. Who is the chairman of ISRO?
  10. Where did Indian Space Research Organisation launcher the human space flight Centre which will act as the hub of ISRO's future manned missions?
  11. Who was home recharge as chief executive officer of Corporation Bank a?
  12. Who is the former secretary of Government of India who was entitled with K Veeramani award for Social Justice 2018 in New Delhi?
  13. Who wrote the book social exclusion and justice in India, empowering dalits for empowering India: A road map?
  14. Who was awarded the Sangeet Natak Academy Awards 2017 under the category Hindustani vocal music by president Ram Nath kovind on 6th February 2019?
  15. The introduction of which bill was approved by the Union Cabinet to confirm the status of Institutions of national importance to NIFTEM Kundli Haryana and IIFPT Thanjavur Tamil Nadu?


  1. Surat
  2. Dandi, Gujarat
  3. March 1930 
  4. Rupees 5 lacs
  5. Rupees 6.5 lacs
  6. February 2nd
  7. Wetlands and climate change
  8. Ajay Kumar
  9. doctor K Sivan
  10. Bengaluru 
  11. P V Bharathi
  12. PS Krishnan
  13. PS Krishnan
  14. Lalith J Rao
  15. National Institutes of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management bill 2019

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