April 14, 2018

February 2018 current affairs for RBI, SBI, Nabard grade A, UPSC exams #6

February 2018 current affairs for SBI PO, RBI grade B officers, Nabard grade A, UPSC exams

February 2018 current affairs for SBI PO, RBI grade B officers, Nabard grade A, UPSC exams

  1. According to the latest India Research report by green energy market tracker mercom capital, India has achieved how many Watts cumulative solar power capacities?
  2. Government has set up a mechanism in the Council of scientific and Industrial Research for regular interface with which industry for transfer of technologies from CSIR Laboratories to industries?
  3. What has been introduced by the Indian Railways for the first time for services which defines terms and conditions for contractors engaged in service contracts for non operational areas?
  4. Who is the Union Minister of Commerce and industry?
  5. What are the three tools launched by the Union Minister of Commerce and industry for ranking states and union territories on startup ecosystem?
  6. How much amount has been allocated for different Railway projects in Odisha under Union budget 2018 by the central government?
  7. What is the convention on Mercury for which the Union Cabinet has approved the proposal for ratification there by enabling India to become a party to the convention?
  8. What did the Union Cabinet approved for 60 un-monitized discoveries of ONGC and oil?
  9. Which railway zone has become the first railway zone in India to achieve hundred percent LED lighting in all 733 stations under its jurisdiction?
  10. Which authority is launching a pilot project which includes developing a satellite based electronic toll collection system that works on GPS / GSM technology on Delhi Mumbai national highway?
  11. What is the report launched by the Niti Aayog on February 9th 2018?
  12. Which states have emerged as the best performers among largest states in terms of overall performance?
  13. Under which scheme did the central government announced that it has approved the construction of over 1.86 lakh more houses for urban poor?
  14. Where is INS Garuda, a Naval air station located?
  15. What is the Indian navy's project that is aimed at modernizing the Meteorological infrastructure of the 9 Naval air stations, that was inaugurated at INS Garuda?


  1. 20 gigawatts
  2. Small scale industry
  3. New general conditions of contract
  4. Suresh Prabhu
  5. States and union territories startup ranking Framework; compendium of good practices for promoting startups in India; startup India kit;
  6. Rupees 5252 crore
  7. Minimata convention on Mercury
  8. DSF policy big round 2
  9. South Central Railway
  10. National Highways Authority of India
  11. Healthy States, progressive India
  12. Kerala, Punjab and Tamilnadu
  13. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana
  14. Kochi, Kerala
  15. Integrated Automatic Aviation Meteorological system

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