March 30, 2018

Daily current affairs for SBI PO, RBI grade B officers, NABARD grade A, SBI Clerk exams - 3rd March 2018

Current affairs for SBI PO, RBI grade B officers, NABARD grade A, SBI Clerk exams

Daily current affairs for SBI PO, RBI grade B officers, NABARD grade A, SBI Clerk exams - 3rd March 2018
  1. Which institute will conduct a national sizing Survey of India to develop and India size chart for the garment industry?
  2. What is the scheme launched by odisha government that offers free sanitary pads to 17 lakh girl students in Orissa?
  3. Who is the chief minister of Odisha?
  4. Which country confirmed that it will be on the grey list of financial action task force from June 2018?
  5. What is the purpose of financial action task force, that was formed in 1989?
  6. Where is the headquarters of financial action task force located?
  7. To increase the importance of services sector and to encourage banks to learn more to the Sector, the Reserve Bank of India has decided to remove the per borrower loan limit for which Enterprises?
  8. Which Enterprises has been defined as an entity where the investment in equipment is more than rupees 2 crore and and does not exceed rupees 5 crore?
  9. How will be the all loans to MSMEs involved in providing or rendering services will be classified with the removal of the cap of per borrower loan?
  10. To provide certainty to taxpayers in the domain of transfer pricing by specifying the methods of pricing and thereby reducing litigation is the objective of which scheme?
  11. Who has been honoured with lifetime achievement award for his contribution to the fields of Art and politics at the annual political and public life awards presented by Britain's Asia voice weekly newspaper?
  12. Who is elected as the next President of Armenia?
  13. What is the capital of Armenia?
  14. What is the name of the advanced weather satellites launched by NASA, to safeguard The Western United States by monitoring, forecasting and providing crisp images of hurricane, wildfires, floods, mudslides and other natural calamities?
  15. Expand g o e s.
  16. Where is the headquarters of NASA located?
  17. Which country won the inaugural International billiards and snooker Federation team world cup in Doha, Qatar? 
  18. Where is the headquarters of international billiards and snooker Federation located?
  19. Who became the first Indian woman wrestler to win gold in the senior Asian championships by winning gold medal in the 65 kg freestyle category in bishkek, Kyrgyzstan?
  20. What is the magazine launched on India Israel relations by the Union Minister dr Jitendra Singh?
  21. When is the World Wildlife day celebrated every year?
  22. What is the theme of 2018 World Wildlife day?
  23. Why is 3rd March selected, to celebrate the united Nations World Wildlife day every year?


  1. National Institute of Fashion Technology
  2. Khushi scheme
  3. Naveen Patnaik
  4. Pakistan
  5. To fight money laundering and terrorist financing across the world
  6. Paris, France
  7. Micro small and medium enterprises
  8. Medium enterprises
  9. Priority sector lending
  10. Advance pricing agreements APA scheme
  11. Shatrughan Sinha
  12. Armen Sarkisian
  13. Yerevan
  14. GOES-S
  15. Geostationary operational environmental satellites
  16. Washington DC, USA
  17. India
  18. Dubai, united Arab Emirates
  19. Navjot Kaur
  20. Namaste Shalom
  21. 3rd March
  22. Big cats: Predators under threat
  23. To mark the date on which the convention on international trade in endangered species of wildlife flora and fauna CITES, was signed.

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