January 05, 2018

Banking Awareness for IBPS, SBI, RBI, LIC exams #20

Banking Awareness for IBPS PO & Clerk, SBI PO & Clerk, RBI Assistant & Grade B, LIC AAO & ADO exams

The document drawn by a debtor on the creditor agreeing to pay a certain sum is called

_____ is a negotiable instrument, negotiable by usage or custom.

In case of a negotiable instrument, who generally gets a good title?

A cheque which is not crossed is called

What is the safest form of crossing a cheque?
What is absolutely essential for a special crossing?

Not negotiable crossing is a warning to the _____.

A not negotiable crossing restricts _____ of the cheque.

How is an order cheque can be converted in to a bearer cheque?

What is the currency of Syria?

Banking Awareness Practice Sets

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November 2017 Current Affairs for IBPS Clerk Mains 2018-19 #5

November 2017 Current Affairs for IBPS Clerk Mains 2018-19

November 2017 Current Affairs for IBPS Clerk Mains 2018-19
Which country successfully launched 2 navigation satellites named BeiDou-3, aimed to build its own GPS with more than 30 satellites?

Which country developed World's first artificial intelligence robot named Shibuya Mirai and granted a place on real life local registry?

What is the name of a massive ship described as a magic island maker and considered the most powerful vessel of its type in Asia, unveiled by China?

In which state was the longest bridge inaugurated, named after the late singer Bupen Hazarika?

Which country recently joined the International Solar Alliance?

UN Office for South-South Cooperation along with which country launched a partnership fund for supporting sustainable development projects across the world?

Which Indian short film won the best short film award at South Asian Film Festival of Montreal in Montreal?

Where did the Tata steel has set up India's largest coke dry quenching facility?

Which satellite of ISRO accomplished the task of measuring X-ray polarisation of Carb pulsar in the Tarus Constellation?

Where did the Commonwealth Shooting Championship 2017, among the Commonwealth Nations held?

All November 2017 Current Affairs 

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Banking and Finance Abbreviations and Acronyms #1

Banking and Finance Abbreviations and Acronyms

Banking and Finance Abbreviations and Acronyms

Present Policy Rates

UPI United Payment Interface
TIN Tax Information Network
SWIFT Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
SENSEX Sensitivity Index of Stock Exchange
NDTL Net Demand and Time Liabilities

LIBOR London Interbank Offered Rate
IPO Initial Public Offering
INFINET Indian Financial Network
IMPS Immediate Payment Service
IFSC Indian Financial System Code

Banking Awareness Practice Sets

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January 2018 Current Affairs Quiz 2

January 2018 Current Affairs and General Awareness for SBI PO exam

On the Pandu-Dhubri route of which river did the Union Shipping Minister Nitin Gadkari flagged off cargo movement, boost to the inland waterway in the northeast?

Who is the chairman of the recently constituted State Finance Commission of the Telangana government?

Which state government has published the first draft of Supreme Court monitored National Register for Citizens?

Who won the Royal Cup Golf Tournament in Thailand?

What is the name of the new frog species discovered from Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary?

What will be launched by NASA in 2018 to explore sun's outer atmosphere?

Which country has brought in new regulations that prohibit solo mountaineers, double amputee, and blind climbers from attempting to scale its mountains, to reduce accidents and to make mountaineering safe?

Under which agreement did India and Pakistan exchanged the list of nuclear installations and facilities at New Delhi and Islamabad?

Which is the second state after Sikkim in northeast to be declared Open Defecation free?

Which yojana was launched by the Jharkhand Chief minister Raghubar Das, aimed at providing electricity to all the villages across the state?

January 2018 Current Affairs Quiz Sets
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January 2018 Current Affairs Quiz 1

January 2018 Current Affairs for SBI PO, LIC, SSC, UPSC exams

January 2018 Current Affairs for SBI PO, LIC, SSC, UPSC exams
As a part of which yatra, Bihar Chief Minister laid foundation stones for more than 100 projects worth Rs. 700 crore in Nalanda district?

Who will be the chief guests on 26th January 2018?

How much amount has been sanctioned for overall development of inland water transport of Assam?

Which state government has launched Bhavantar Bharpai Scheme (Price Deficit Compensation Scheme) for vegetables to counter farm distress?

Which state's police is all set to go digital from 1 January 2018, with computerization of police station work under the criminal tracking and networking systems?

At the cost of what amount, the project of Odisha police going digital is being implemented under the national e-governance initiative?

Which country shuts down its legal ivory trade?

What is the genus name of the two new ant species discovered in the evergreen forests of Andamans?

In which city, police banned public display of weapons for the whole of 2018, which will be effective from January 2, 2018?

Which state government signed a MoU with the centre for the second phase of Bharat Net Project?

 January 2018 Current Affairs
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