April 04, 2018

Spotting errors - English for RBI, SBI, Nabard, SBI, IBPS and SSC exams #8

Spotting errors - English for RBI grade B, SBI PO, Nabard grade A, SBI clerk, IBPS and SSC exams

Spotting errors - English for RBI grade B, SBI PO, Nabard grade A, SBI clerk, IBPS and SSC exams
  1. The board of directors/ want all possible facilities/ and allowances for/ itself./ no error
  2. You and I/ have done/ my best in/ examination./ no error
  3. His efforts/ will bring him/ more success/ than your./ no error
  4. Every teacher and/ every student of this college/ is determined to do their best for/ the glorious prospects of the college./ no error
  5. The Vice President of India and/ vice chancellor of this university/ have given/ his consent to join the meeting/ no error
  6. She hates everybody/ and everything who/ reminds her/ of her mistakes/ no error
  7. None/ of these two principals/ has been looking/ after his college well./ no error
  8. Each of/ the four great tragedies/ of Shakespeare/ is worth reading./ no error
  9. He prostrated before/ his master/ who had returned from/ london after a year./ no error
  10. The dog/ I have bought/ looks more ferocious/ then you have./ no error
  11. He was much/ more surprised than me/ to see the dancing girl/ coming towards us./ no error
  12. The five brothers/ are at daggers - drawn,/ so they feel it below their dignity/ to talk to each other./ no error
  13. One should/ be true to his/ world in all/ circumstances./ no error
  14. If someone has/ finished the work,/ he may/ go home./ no error
  15. The criminal/ which was chained/ grumbled at the police inspector/ who was taking him to jail./ no error


  1. D - themselves
  2. C - our best in
  3. D - than your's    
  4. C - is determined to do his best for
  5. D - their consent to join the meeting
  6. B - and everything that
  7. A - neither
  8. No error
  9. A - he prostrated himself before
  10. D - than the one you have
  11. No error
  12. D - to talk to one another
  13. B - be true to one's
  14. No error
  15. B - who was chained

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