April 16, 2018

March 2018 current affairs for SBI, RBI grade B, UPSC exams #4

March 2018 current affairs for SBI PO, RBI grade B officer, UPSC exams

March 2018 current affairs for SBI PO, RBI grade B officer, UPSC exams
  1. US based major credit rating agency moody's investors service estimated that India will grow up to what percent in the calendar year 2018?
  2. Where is the headquarters of the moody's investors service?
  3. The State Bank of India raised its lending rates with immediate effect by 20 Basis points to-
  4. Which bank has announced its partnership with ripple to facilitate payments into and out of India?
  5. From 8.2 % what percent did ICICI bank has raised the 1 year mclr?
  6. Which country has become the first country to adopt cryptocurrency as its official currency?
  7. Where is the headquarters of standard and poor's financial services LLC?
  8. What is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange using Cryptography to secure the transactions and to control the creation of additional units of the currency?
  9. What is the cryptocurrency that has been adapted by the Marshall Islands as its official currency?
  10. Where's the headquarters of Fitch ratings located?
  11. To what percent did the Punjab National Bank has increased its 1 year mclr from 8.3%?
  12. What is the instant overdraft facility launched by the ICICI Bank for MSME customers in a completely online manner?
  13. After the ICICI bank has launched the instant overdraft facility, the customers can get up to how much amount for area anytime anywhere using internet / mobile banking?
  14. The Reserve Bank of India has imposed in monetary penalty of rupees 40 lacs on which bank for non compliance of it's directions on detection and impounding of counterfeit notes?
  15. On which Bank did the Reserve Bank of India had imposed monetary penalties for not complying with the KYC regulations?


  1. 7.6%
  2. New York, USA
  3. 8.15%
  4. IndusInd Bank
  5. 8.3%
  6. Marshall Islands
  7. New York, USA
  8. Cryptocurrency
  9. Cryptocurrency SOV (sovereign)
  10. New York city and London
  11. 8.15%
  12. InstaOD
  13. Rupees 15 lacs
  14. State Bank of India
  15. Indian Overseas Bank

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