April 06, 2018

January 2018 current affairs for SBI, RBI, NABARD, UPSC exams #7

January 2018 current affairs for SBI PO, RBI grade B, Nabard grade A exam, UPSC exams

January 2018 current affairs for SBI PO, RBI grade B, Nabard grade A exam, UPSC exams
  1. What is the base rate of the State Bank of India after it has reduced its base rate by 30 Basis points?
  2. When was the marginal cost of funds based lending rate introduced by the Reserve Bank of India? New
  3. What is the minimum interest rate of a bank below which cannot lend, which serves as an internal benchmark for the bank?
  4. Which country announced a 40% increase to the minimum wage with effect from January 2018?
  5. Who is the president of Venezuela?
  6. Who has been appointed as the new managing director of India infrastructure Finance Company Limited?
  7. Which space agency will launch Parker solar probe to explore Sands outer atmosphere?
  8. What is the name of the new frog species that has been discovered from the Malabar wildlife sanctuary in Kozhikode in Kerala?
  9. Where is the Indian Institute of Science education and research located?
  10. Where is the zoo outreach organisation located?
  11. Which team won the Ranji Trophy title for the first time by defeating Delhi in the final match?
  12. The title of the royal Cup Golf tournament at the Phoenix gold golf and Country Club in Pattaya, Thailand?
  13. What was Ananta Ojha famous for who passed away recently?
  14. Which state has been declared as the disturbed area for 6 more months till June 2018 by the union home ministry and the Armed Forces Special power act?
  15. Under which act, armed forces acting several overriding powers including authority to open fire and use force against any person acting against the law?


  1. 8.65%
  2. April 1 2016
  3. Marginal cost of funds based lending mclr
  4. Venezuela
  5. Nicolas maduro
  6. Pankaj Jain
  7. NASA - national Aeronautics and space administration
  8. Nyctibatrachus mewasinghi
  9. Pune, Maharashtra
  10. Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
  11. Vidarbha
  12. Shiv Kapur
  13. Acting
  14. Nagaland
  15. Armed Forces Special Powers Act 

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