April 01, 2018

Banking awareness for RBI grade B officers, SBI PO, NABARD exams #24

Banking awareness for RBI grade B officer exam Phase 1

General awareness for RBI grade B officer exam Phase 1
  1. What are the monetary aggregates that the Reserve Bank of India follows?
  2. In which monetary aggregate of The Reserve Bank of India does the net time deposits of banks included?
  3. National housing bank is a fully owned subsidiary of which organisation?
  4. What is the apex financial institution for housing?
  5. Under which act was the national housing bank established?
  6. Who is responsible for framing guidelines for the functioning of the banks?
  7. RBI has ordered that groups in the private sector, public sector and non banking financial company shall be qualified to establish a bank through which organisation -
  8. What shall be the initial minimum paid up voting equity capital for a bank?
  9. The combined foreign shareholding in the new Bank shall not surpass what percent for the first 5 years?
  10. Banks that offer core banking solutions are recommended that they provide what type of cheque issuance facility to all those customers who may request or eligible for the same?
  11. In which year, RBI permitted banks to use 50% of their counter cyclical provision buffer for specific bad loan provisioning?
  12. What is called the capital that banks are mandated to keep separate which is beyond the minimum capital requirements of the bank?
  13. What situation gave the idea to introduce the counter cyclical buffer all over the world?
  14. Who is a senior official who is elected by the Reserve Bank of India to rectify customer Complaints against failure or negligence in providing certain banking services?
  15. Which scheme provides speedy and inexpensive forum to bank customers for the settlement of complaints pertaining to certain services provided by the banks?


  1. M1, M2, M3 and M4
  2. M3
  3. Reserve Bank of India
  4. National housing Bank
  5. National housing Bank act 1987
  6. Reserve Bank of India
  7. A wholly-owned non operative financial holding company
  8. Rupees 500 crores
  9. 49%
  10. Payable at par / multi City Cheque
  11. 2016
  12. Counter cyclical buffer
  13. 2008 financial crisis
  14. Banking ombudsman
  15. Banking ombudsman scheme

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