April 29, 2018

April 2018 current affairs for SBI, RBI, Nabard and UPSC exams #13

April 2018 current affairs for SBI PO, RBI grade B officers, nabard and UPSC exams

April 2018 current affairs for SBI PO, RBI grade B officers, nabard and UPSC exams

  1. Which ministry has approved establishment of the first multipurpose Vandan Vikas Kendra on the pilot basis for establishment in Bijapur district of Chhattisgarh?
  2. The Reserve Bank of India on 5th April kept the repo rate and reverse repo rate unchanged at what percent respectively?
  3. Who has been appointed as the next ambassador of India to the Republic of Serbia?
  4. Which bank has decided to setup data sciences lab to improve its forecasting, surveillance and early warning detection abilities which will aid policy formulation?
  5. Which country will host the 16th International Energy forum ministerial meeting from 10th to 12th April 2018?
  6. The International Energy forum is an intergovernmental  arrangement set up in 1991 which is based in-
  7. How many are the member countries of the International Energy forum, including India, covering all 6 continents, which are the signatories to the charter of the international economic forum?
  8. What is the app launched by the Ministry of coal for Coal quality monitoring?
  9. Expand Uttam.
  10. Who is the Union Minister for Railways and coal?
  11. Where did the Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited successfully commissioned 330 megawatts kishanganga hydroelectric project?
  12. River kishanganga is a tributary of which river?
  13. Which country defeated Bangladesh to win V Southeast Asian women handball Championship at Lucknow?
  14. With which sport is kumutham Sanjita Chanu associated with?
  15. What is an Apex International Trade Promotion organisation?


  1. Ministry of Tribal Affairs
  2. 6% and 5.75% respectively
  3. Subrata Bhattacharjee
  4. Reserve Bank of India
  5. India in New Delhi
  6. Riyadh
  7. 72
  8. Uttam app
  9. Unlocking transparency by third party assessment of Mined Coal
  10. Shri Piyush Goyal
  11. Jammu and Kashmir
  12. River Jhelum
  13. India
  14. Weight lifting
  15. Federation of Indian export organisations

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