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January 09, 2018

Error Detection for IBPS, SBI, RBI & SSC exams #7

Error Detection for IBPS, SBI, RBI & SSC exams

Error Detection for IBPS, SBI, RBI & SSC exams

Find the part of the sentence in which there is an error. If the sentence is error free, then your answer is 'No Error'

  1. It is only after / the war is over / that people realize / how bad it was.
  2. It is very difficult / to point out the number of / the living creatures living / on earth.
  3. America's problems / are, however, / not so serious / and awful as India.
  4. The life of the rich / is not in many / ways as peaceful / as that of the poor's.
  5. As we are told, / this idea of Mr. Gandhi's / was totally valid in the / present condition of India.
  6. The survey gives / us much knowledge of the / public's opinion / on the matter of terrorism.
  7. I appreciate you / helping the poor / who are really the most ignored and completely deprived / section of our society.
  8. I have read / many plays of Shaw's / who is called the Shakespeare of our age.
  9. It was India's / past glory / that attracted / a number of invaders in the remote past.
  10. Everybody should be careful / to fulfill the society's demands / and thereby show his / attachment to it.


  1. A war
  2. No error
  3. India's
  4. The poor
  5. Mr. Gandhi
  6. Public opinion
  7. I appreciate your
  8. Many plays of Shaw
  9. No error
  10. No error

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