December 27, 2017

General Awareness for SSC exams Set 5

General Awareness for SSC CGL, CHSL, SO, MTS exams

  1. Where was the system of Judicial review originated?
  2. How does the Constitution of India describes India as?
  3. Which act from the British rule exercised profound influence in framing the Indian Constitution?
  4. Emergency powers were drawn from which act of the British government?
  5. From which constitution was the method of nomination of the members of the Rajya Sabha taken?
    General Awareness for ssc cgl, chsl, so and mts exams
  6. By the which act a Federal Structure for India was first put forward?
  7. Who is Charles Correa?
  8. Who was the chairman of the Drafting committee of the constitution?
  9. Who was the first Indian judge in the International Court of Justice?
  10. What was elected to write the Constitution of India?


  1. USA
  2. A Union of States
  3. The Government of India Act, 1935
  4. The Government of India Act, 1935
  5. Irish Constitution
  6. Act of 1935
  7. Architect, urban planner and activist
  8. DR. B R Ambedkar
  9. Sir Benegal Narsing Rau
  10. Constituent Assembly
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Vocabulary for IBPS, SBI, RBI, SSC & UPSC exams #28

Vocabulary fr IBPS PO & Clerk, SBI PO & Clerk, RBI Grade B & Assistant, SSC CGL, CHSL, SO & MTS & UPSC exams


Of great importance or significance
Important, Historic, Apocalyptic, Portentous, Critical


An intense but short-lived passion
Passion, Love, Adoration, Desire, Fondness, Devotion, Penchant, Obsession


Powerfully attractive or fascinating
Attraction, Enchantment, Lure, Temptation, Bewitchment, Charm, Seduction


A person who travels from place to place on foot
Wanderer, Vagrant, Vagabond, Derelict


Lack of respect for people or things
Disrespect, Disdain, Scorn, Contempt, Derision, Mockery, Disparagement


Characterized by friendliness
Friendly, Cordial, Courteous, Polite, Cooperative, Fraternal


Showing care and thought for future
Wise, Judicious, Cautious, Wary, Thrifty, Provident, Sagacious, Abstemious


A remedy for all diseases or difficulties
Cure-all, Heal-all, Nostrum, Elixir


Goodwill, Benignity, Compassion, Consideration, Thoughtfulness, Altruism


Clear of blame or suspicion
Acquit, Justify, Absolve, Clear, Exonerate, Liberate

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