April 19, 2017

English Vocabulary for SBI PO Exam & IBPS PO Exam #13

English Vocabulary from The Hindu News Paper for SBI PO Exam, IBPS PO Exam, NICL AO, UPSC CSAT Exams

1. Ramification: 
Something that is the result of an action, decision etc.; 
Think about the ramifications of your decision.

2. Amasses: 
To gather or collect especially for yourself; 
Accumulate; Assemble; Lump; Bulk
They have amassed a wealth of information.

3. Abate: 
To become weaker; to decrease in strength; 
Decrease; Shrink; Drain; Subside
We waited for the wind to abate.

4. Accrue: 
To increase in value or amount gradually as time passes;
He wants to enjoy the benefits of the illegally accrued wealth and property.

5. Hiatus: 
A period of time when something is stopped; 
Breach; Break; Discontinuity
There should be no hiatus in taking the decision.

6. Unambiguous: 
Clearly expressed or understood; 
Apparent; Plain; Transparent; Clear;
Your answer should be clear and unambiguous.

7. Statutory: 
Prescribed or authorised by statute; 
Judicial; Legal; Lawful;
The government gave permission to make the organisation a statutory body.

8. Abrupt:  
Very sudden and not expected; 
Rudely brief; Short; Blunt; Bluff;
There was an abrupt  change in the weather.

9. Erroneous: 
Not correct; 
False; Incorrect; Inaccurate; Untruthful;
Your article shouldn't contain erroneous information.

Vocabulary from the Hindu news paper

10. Subvert: 
To secretly try to ruin or destroy a government, political system etc; To make 
something weaker or less effective; 
Degrade; Cheapen; Corrupt; Demoralise;
They were planning to subvert the institute.

11. Confiscate: 
To take away from someone especially as punishment or to enforce the law or rules; 
The teacher confiscated all the mobile phones from the students.

12. Obligation: 
Something you must do because of law, rule, promise etc.; 
Burden; Charge; Commitment; Responsibility;
You must fulfill your obligations, but not at the cost of your self respect.

13. Incur: 
To come into or acquire; Bring upon oneself; 
Obtain; Catch; Get; Gain; 
The government has incurred huge debts.

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