March 26, 2017

Vocabulary #8 - General English for IBPS & SBI PO exams

Vocabulary - General English for IBPS & SBI PO, IBPS & SBI Clerk, UPSC, LIC, RBI, SSC CGL, CAT and other exams

  1. The liberal-intellectual establishment has of late began lamenting the steady decline of the Indian National Congress.
    • Lament: To feel or express sorrow; Grieve deeply 
  2. Till Rahul Gandhi is at helm of affairs, the party is heading for extinction.
    • Helm: Control; Leadership
  3. Mr. Gandhi is doomed and with him the congress.
    • Doom: Cursed; Destroyed
  4. The party which was the vanguard of the freedom movement cannot be junked in the dustbin of history.
    • Vanguard: The foremost division; Lead
  5. Unity in diversity is not a slogan or a cliched description, but the true idea of India.
    • Cliche: Routine; Stereotypic;
  6. The BJP had an ideology of Hindutva, howsoever vague and vicious it may be.
    • Vague: Not clearly or explicitly stated;
    • Vicious: Corrupt, Grossly immoral;
  7. The RSS has infiltrated almost all the institutions in the last 70 years.
    • Infiltrate: To move into gradually, especially with hostile intent;
  8. The state machinery was often controlled, sabotaged, derailed, and manipulated by various shades of Hindutva.
    • Sabotage: Damage; Injury;
  9. There were Marxists, socialists, rightists, capitalists too and Lohiaites, casteists, linguistic chauvinists and even Hindutva followers in the party.
    • Chauvinist: a person who believes one particular thing is superior to another. Here, linguistic chauvinist, of language.
  10. The information-communication revolution exemplified by the mobile phone and internet, created a new socio-poilitical environment.
    • Exemplify: To show or illustrate by example; Demonstrate;
  11. This revolution gave rise to consumerism, Hedonism and hyper-individualism.
    • Hedonism: Devotion to pleasure as a way of life; enjoyment;
  12. The ideas of collectivism and austerity and simple life compassion and piety, idealism and faith in goodness began to be seen as outdated.
    • Austerity: Severity of manner, life; Rigidity;
    • Piety: Devotion, faith, belief
  13. The party could not have seen that these forces were attacking the vitals of congress culture, ethos and broad ideological architecture.
    • Ethos: Philosophy; Attitude; Ideology
  14. It must not become a self Hindutva party to attract the saffronised middle classes, in India or among the diaspora.
    • Diaspora: The spreading out of a group of people
    Vocabulary - General English for IBPS & SBI PO exams
  15. Modi has a teflon character, nothing sticks, and no megalomaniac can be challenged on his turf.
    • Teflon: A fluorocarbon polymer with slippery properties; 
    • Megalomaniac: Thinking very highly of oneself; Egoistic; 
    • Turf: Territory, Neighbourhood, Region
  16. Modi is a transient phenomenon.
    • Transient: Temporary; Short-lived
  17. Modernity lies n the humanism, pacifism, respect for all religions and cultures.
    • Pacifism: Opposition to war or violence of any kind
  18. The effervescence of the Modi mood cannot replace those values, and therefore cannot last for too long.
    • Effervesce: Enthusiasm, Excitement, Joy
  19. Congress has been afflicted by a strange identity crisis and in panic it is looking for existential survival.
    • Afflict: Cause or become hurt; Worry; Wound;
  20. Each person who believes in the profound legacy of the freedom movement will help resurrect the congress.
    • Profound: Intellectual; Of deep meaning; Deep;
    • Resurrect: Brighten; Encourage; Recover; Bring to life again;


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