February 22, 2017

Syllogisms - Reasoning Ability for IBPS and SBI PO #15

Reasoning Ability for IBPS and SBI PO, RBI, LIC and IPPB exams

Directions: In each question below there are three statements followed by two conclusions numbered I and II. Give the answers as below based on the conclusions that follow the statements logically.


  1. If only conclusion I follows
  2. If only conclusion II follows
  3. If either conclusion I or II follows
  4. If neither conclusion I nor II follows
  5. If both the conclusions I and II follows


  1. Statements:
    • All books are bats
    • Some bats are coats
    • All coats are belts
      • Conclusions:
        1. Some belts are books
        2. No book is a belt
  2. Statements:
    • All chairs are keys
    • All keys are pens
    • All pens are notes
      • Conclusions:
        1. Some notes are keys
        2. All notes are keys
    Reasoning Ability for IBPS PO and SBI PO exams
  3. Statements:
    • All brushes are pencils
    • Some pencils are tapes
    • Some tapes are balls
      • Conclusions:
        1. Some balls are pencils
        2. Some pencils are brushes
  4. Statements:
    • All bottles are needles
    • All pads are papers
    • No needle is paper
      • Conclusions:
        1. No pad is bottle
        2. No paper is needle
  5. Statements:
    • All tubes are plastic
    • Some plastic are scales
    • Some scales are shapes
      • Conclusions:
        1. All shapes need not necessarily be scales
        2. All tubes being scales is a possibility


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