February 11, 2017

Reasoning Ability for SBI & IBPS PO exams #14

Reasoning Ability for SBI & IBPS PO, Clerk, LIC, RBI exams

Read the information and answer the questions.

Sunil, Syam, Suma and Sunita are four students of different coaching centres in Delhi, Lucknow, Kota and Pune of ABC, a famous coaching centre. Syam and Sunil are boys, Suma and Sunita are girls. Each belongs to a different state of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Each one attended the exam in each of the four cities, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata and Trichy.

The one who wrote the test in Hyderabad got 4th rank, but he is not Syam. The one who appeared at Trichy got first position. The one who belongs to Madhya Pradesh got third position, while the one who studied at Delhi got second position. Sunil and Syam didn't studied at Delhi or Lucknow. They appeared the test at Hyderabad and Trichy. They doesn't belong to Madhya Pradesh or Tamil Nadu. The one who studied at Kota doesn't belong to Uttar Pradesh. Sunita doesn't belongs to Madhya Pradesh. The one who studied in Lucknow didn't appear for the test in Bangalore. The one who belongs to Maharashtra didn't appear at Hyderabad centre.


Reasoning Ability for SBI & IBPS PO exams

  1. In which of the following cities did Sunil appeared the test?
    1. Bangalore
    2. Hyderabad
    3. Kolkata
    4. Trichy
  2. Which of the following combinations is true?
    1. Sunita - Delhi - 2
    2. Sunil - Kolkata - 4
    3. Syam - Delhi - Lucknow
    4. None of the above
  3. Where did Suma wrote the test?
    1. Hyderabad
    2. Bangalore
    3. Trichy
    4. Kolkata
  4. Who got third rank in the test?
    1. Syam
    2. Sunita
    3. Suma
    4. Sunil
  5. Find the false statement.
    1. Sunil attended the test in Bangalore
    2. Sunita got second rank in the test
    3. The one from Maharashtra wrote exam in Trichy
    4. The one who belongs to Lucknow got third rank
  6. Find the odd one out.
    1. Suma - Lucknow - Kolkata
    2. Sunil - Pune - Hyderabad
    3. Sunita - Delhi - Bangalore 
    4. Syam - Trichy - Maharashtra
  7. The states to which both the boys belongs to are
    1. Maharashtra and Tamil nadu
    2. Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh
    3. Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh
    4. Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh
  8. Where did both the girls attended the test?
    1. Hyderabad & Bangalore
    2. Hyderabad & Trichy
    3. Bangalore and Kolkata
    4. Kolkata and Tichy
  9. To which place does the first ranker belongs to?
    1. Delhi
    2. Lucknow
    3. Pune
    4. Kota
  10. Which of the following is true and is related to a single student.
    1. Delhi - Tamil Ndau - Bangalore
    2. Lucknow - Maharashtra - Hyderabad
    3. Kota - Madhya Pradesh - Kolkata
    4. Can't say


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