December 31, 2017

General Awareness for SSC exams Set 6

General Awareness for SSC CGL, CCHSL, SO, MTS exams

  1. What is the committee appointed on Capital Account Convertibility?
  2. How is the Indian Economy most appropriately described as?
  3. Antyodaya Programme is related with
  4. When was the decimal system of Indian Currency started?
  5. The Reserve Bank of India is an agent of Central government and all the state governments in India excepting that of _____.
  6. Under which article of the Indian Constitution was the Finance Commission of India established?
  7. Which authority recommends the principles governing the grantsin-aid of the revenues of the states out of the Consolidated Fund of India?
    General Awareness for SSC CGL, CCHSL, SO, MTS exams
  8. Under which act was the Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction, BIFR established?
  9. Under which ministry does the Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction functions?
  10. What is the apex institution in the country that looks after the development of the cottage industry, small industry, and village industry and other rural industries?


  1. Tarapore Committee
  2. Mixed Economy
  3. Upliftment of the poorest of the poor
  4. 1957
  5. Jammu & Kashmir
  6. Article 280
  7. Finance Commission of India
  8. Sick Industrial Companies Act
  9. Ministry of Finance
  10. NABARD

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