December 26, 2017

General Awareness for SSC exams Set 4

General Awareness Questions for SSC CGL, CHSL, SO, MTS exams

  1. Which Veda provides information about the Early Vedic Age?
  2. What are the oldest scriptures of Hinduism?
  3. What was the social System of Harappans?
  4. Which area of India was known as Avantika in ancient times?
  5. What are the four great powers indicated in Buddhist literature?
  6. Ujjain is an ancient city of Malwa region in Central India, on the eastern side of which river?
  7. Where was the home of Gargi, Maitrey & Kapila?
  8. What is any of the various Hindu calendars called?
  9. Who was the first Tirthankara of the Jains?
  10. Which dynasty was established by the first Tirthankara?


  1. Rigveda
  2. Vedas
  3. Fairly egalitarian
  4. Malwa
  5. Ujjaini, Vatsa, Kosala, Maghada
  6. Kshipra river
  7. Mithila
  8. Samvat
  9. Rishaba
  10. Ikshavaku dynasty

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