December 26, 2017

General Awareness for SSC exams Set 3

General Awareness for SSC CGL and SSC CHSL Exams

  1. In which sites the evidence of cultivation of rice was found?
  2. Who were the first to produce cotton in the world?
  3. From where did the Indus people imported Sapphire?
  4. From where did the Indus people imported Jade?
  5. Which metal was not known to Indus people?
  6. What are the Indus sites found in Afghanistan?
  7. Who is the chief male deity of Indus people?
  8. What is the type of writing of Indus people, as found from the post herds from Kalibanga?
  9. What is mainly used in the manufacture of seal?
  10. Who said these words - 'Indra is accused of causing the decline of Indus Civilization'?


  1. Lothal and Rangpur
  2. Indus people
  3. Badak-Shan, Afghanistant
  4. Central Asia
  5. Iron
  6. Shatughai and Mundigaq
  7. Pasupati Mahadeva
  8. Boustrophedon
  9. Steatite
  10. M. Wheeler

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