December 26, 2017

General Awareness for SSC exams Set 2

General Awareness Questions
  1. What is the first site discovered?
  2. Who is the first scholar to use the term Indus civilization?
  3. To which age does Indus civilization belongs?
  4. What are the port cities of Indus Valley?
  5. On which river was the site Mohenjodaro found?
  6. Who excavated the Lothal site?
  7. Which site is a city without a citadel?
  8. Which is the largest site of the Indus civilization?
  9. Which is the largest Indian site of the Indus civilization?
  10. Which is the only Indian site where the remains of the horse has been found?

  1. Harappa
  2. John Marshall
  3. Chalcolithic age
  4. Lothal, Sutkagendor, Allahindo, Balakot, Kuntasi
  5. River Indus
  6. S R Rao
  7. Chanhudaro
  8. Mohenjodaro
  9. Dholavira
  10. Surkotada

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