May 22, 2017

Reserve Bank of India - Banking Awareness for SBI, RBI, IBPS exams

Reserve Bank of India: Banking Awareness for SBI PO and Clerk, RBI Grade B Officers, IBPS PO and Clerk exams

Bank Rates and Ratios (as on 23 April 2019)

→ Repo Rate: 6%;
→ Reverse Repo Rate: 5.75%;
→ Bank rate: 6.25%;
→ Marginal Standing Facility Rate: 6.25%;
→ Cash Reserve Ratio: 4%;
→ Statutory Liquidity Ratio: 19%;

1. Who is the present governor of RBI? (updated on 23 April 2019)
2. Who are the four deputy governors of RBI at present? (updated on 23 April 2019)
3. In accordance of the provisions of which act was RBI established?
4. When was the central office of RBI permanently moved to Mumbai from Calcutta?
5. RBI is fully owned by _____.
6. When was RBI nationalised?
7. What are the functions of RBI as per the Preamble of the Reserve Bank of India?
8. Who appoints/nominates the board of RBI?
9. When was the Reserve Bank of India established?
10. Under whose guidance does RBI performs the function of financial supervision?
11. When was the Board for Financial Supervision constituted?
12. Board of Financial Supervision is chaired by  _____.
13. Audit Sub-Committee is a part of  _____.
14. What is the objective of possessing Monetary authority by RBI?
15. Who is the manager of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999?
Reserve Bank of India - Banking Awareness for IBPS PO, Clerk mains, SBI, RBI Grade B, RBI Assistant IPPB Exams


1. Shaktikanta Das
2. Shri M K Jain; Shri N S Viswanathan; Dr. Viral V Acharya; Shri B P Kanungo
3. Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934
4. 1934
5. Government of India
6. 1949
7. → Regulate the issue of bank notes
    → Keeping of reserves to secure monetary stability
    → Operate the currency and credit system of the country
8. Government of India
9. April 1, 1935
10. Board for Financial Supervision
11. November 1994
12. Governor of RBI
13. Board for Financial Supervision
14. Maintaining price stability and ensuring adequate flow of credit to private sectors
15. Reserve Bank of India

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