March 21, 2017

March 2017 #1 - Current Affairs for SBI PO & UPSC exams

March 2017 Current Affairs and General Awareness for SBI PO, IBPS PO, RBI, LIC, RRB, SSC CGL & UPSC exams

  1. What is the world's first robot table tennis tutor?
  2. Which two countries have reached an agreement to jointly produce nuclear fuel?
  3. Which two countries have been suspended from voting in the UN General Assembly because of unpaid dues?
  4. Which country according to United Nations faces serious risk of famine unless international donors set up their response?
  5. Who is the prime minster of Bangladesh?
  6. From which country did Kosovo, a disputed territory in south eastern Europe, declared freedom in Feb 2008?
  7. How many countries are the members of the OIC, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation?
  8. So far 113 countries recognised the republic of Kosovo as an independent state. Which country did it recently?
  9. How many positive votes and a no veto should be needed for a UN resolution to be adopted?
    General Studies - Current Affairs for SBI PO & UPSC Prelims exams
  10. Which two countries vetoed a UN resolution that would have imposed sanctions on Syria over Chemical weapons?
  11. What is the commission established by the UN human rights council to investigate and record all violations of all international law since March 2011?
  12. Who is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi?
  13. When is World wildlife day observed every year?
  14. What is the theme of the 2017 world wildlife day?
  15. Which policy seeks to promote transit - oriented development, a type of infrastructure development?


  1. Forpheus
  2. Iran and Russia
  3. Venezula and Libya
  4. Yemen
  5. Sheik Hasina
  6. Serbia
  7. 57
  8. Bangladesh
  9. Nine
  10. Russia and China
  11. Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria
  12. Chief of Islamic State
  13. March 3
  14. Listen to the young voices
  15. National Transit Oriented Development Policy

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