March 09, 2017

February 2017 #2 - Current Affairs for SBI PO and UPSC exams

February 2017 Current Affairs and General Awareness for SBI PO, IBPS PO and CLerk, LIC, RBI and UPSC exams

  1. Who is the revenue secretary?
  2. To eradicate which disease from the country, the Supreme Court asked the government to prepare a comprehensive policy for implementation of a plan within four weeks?
  3. On which river is Sitaram Lift Irrigation Project in Telangana based?
  4. Who is the Chief Justice of India?
  5. Centre sets up a committee for improving Haj policy, in the light of the 2012 Supreme Court order on gradually reducing the subsidy and abolishing it by _____.
  6. Who is the union minister of state or information and broadcasting?
  7. Where was Bhojpuri film festival inaugurated?
  8. The council ministers of which state gave their approval to amend the Central legislation's poisons act 1919, with a view to enhancing the punishment for acid attacks to life imprisonment?
  9. Where did the high level consultations on counter terrorism issues between Indian Russia held?
  10. Which two countries signed a MoU to construct a new multi ethnic tri-lingual secondary school in Polonnaruwa district?
  11. Who is the high commissioner of India to Sri Lanka?
  12. What is the amount from India as grant to new multi ethnic tri-lingual secondary school?
  13. What is the capital of Afghanistan?
    February 2017 Current Affairs for SBI PO and UPSC Civil Service Prelims exams
  14. Who is appointed by the centre as the interim Managing director and CEO of India Post Payments Bank?
  15. With which state government did Hindustan Petroleum Corp and GAIL India have signed an agreement for setting up a Rs. 40,000 crore petrochemical plant in the state?


  1. Hashmukh Adia
  2. Leprosy
  3. River Godavari
  4. JS Khekar
  5. 2022
  6. Rajyavardhan Rathore
  7. New Delhi
  8. Telangana
  9. New Delhi
  10. India and Sri Lanka
  11. Taranjit Singh
  12. Rs. 30 crore
  13. Kabul
  14. AP Sngh
  15. Andhra Pradesh

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