February 12, 2017

English - Improve your Vocabulary for SBI PO #7

General English - Vocabulary for IBPS, SBI PO exams

Words, their meanings and Synonyms and Antonyms and also, the usage of the word in a sentence. Try to frame as many example sentences as you can, on your own, using the words given below.


Meaning False, outward show; pretense; 
Synonyms Disguise; Circus; Costume; Cover; Deception; Facade; Imposter; Mask; Dissimulate; Frolic;
Antonyms Reveal; Unmask; Acknowledge; Admit; Confess; Leak; Unveil;
Example The general rule that multitasking is a productivity drag masquerading as an efficiency booster.


Meaning To break or tear into small pieces; Waste little by little;
Synonyms Waste; Deplete; Dissipate; Squander; Trifle; Throw away; Consume;
Antonyms Hold; Save; Store; Retention; Grasp; Possession;
Example We talked to him about the science behind the irrational urges that drive us to fritter away our most valuable time at work


Meaning Natural or habitual inclination or tendencies;
Synonyms Tendency; Disposition; Bias; Inclining; Leaning; Penchant; Predilection; Proneness; Propensity; 
Antonyms Disinclination; Aversion; Demur; Hatred; Indisposition; Resistance; Repugnance;
Example Most celebrated creative minds don’t have wealthy patrons who support their lives and proclivities regardless of what they produce.

General English - Improve your Vocabulary for SBI PO and IBPS PO exams


Meaning To manage or alternate the requirements of; 
Synonyms Mislead; Falsify; Alter; Beguile; Betray; Conjure; Delude; Humbug; Maneuver; Prestidigitate; Shuffle;
Antonyms Be honest; Fix; Retain, Preserve; Maintain; Sustain;
Example we are constantly forced to juggle tasks and battle unwanted distractions— to truly set ourselves apart


Meaning Annoying troublesome;
Synonyms Bothersome; Annoying; Disturbing; Mean; Irksome; Peeving; Vexing; Wicked; Vexatious; Provoking
Antonyms Pleasing; Amiable; Amusing; Congenial; Luscious; Sweet; Satisfying; Polite;
Example There is that pesky truth that anxieties and self-doubt can multiply when fed with silence and an abundance of time.

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