January 09, 2017

English - Vocabulary for IBPS PO & Clerk #5

English Vocabulary for IBPS, SBI, LIC, RBI, IPPB exams

Words, their meanings and Synonyms and Antonyms and also, the usage of the word in a sentence. Try to frame as many example sentences as you can, on your own, using the words given below.


Meaning To confuse; To frustrate
Synonyms Perplex; Amaze; Befuddle; Confound; Confuse; Daze; Elude; Embarrass; Muddle;
Antonyms Enlighten; Explain; Clear up; Assist; Encourage; Abet; Support;
Example India is such a leader in health and technology, it is baffling that they continue to report the highest rates of TB and MDR-TB in the world.


Meaning To renounce; To give up; (power or position)
Synonyms Abandon; Abjure; Abnegate; Forgo; Drop; Quit; resign; Retire; Withdraw; Step down; Waive;
Antonyms Assert; Assume; Claim; Defend; Remain; Usurp; Hold; Treasure; Retain;
Example India is clearly abdicating its responsibility on TB-front, and other countries have noticed this and are not happy about it.


Meaning An immoral or evil habit;
Synonyms Sin; Bad habit; Carnality; Corruption; Debauchery; Evil; Ill; Lechery; Maleficence; Perversion; Squalor; Wrong; Defect;
Antonyms Virtue; Propriety; Strength; Accordance; Aptness; Concord; Decorum; Ethicality; 
Example The secret vices and corruption of citizens are announced one by one, day after day.

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Meaning To impair; Make defective; A physical injury;
Synonyms Cripple; Crush; Batter; Castrate; Disqualify; Hamstring; Mayhem; Spoil; Truncate; Mutilate; 
Antonyms Aid; Cure; Heal; Help; Repair; Alleviate; Assist; Redress; Fix;
Example Aslam’s fiction is about the human impulse to create — and how it repeatedly comes up against the equally human tendency to restrict, maim, and destroy.

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Meaning Opposed in feeling, action or character;
Synonyms Meanness; Antagonism; Bellicosity; Enmity; Grudge; Hatred; Detestation; Belligerence; Inimicality; Virulence;
Antonyms Friendship; Agreeableness; Kindness; Affability; Bonhomie; Sociability;
Example It is similarly an act of hostility to close up the spaces in which people can interact naturally.

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