January 20, 2017

English - Improve your Vocabulary for IBPS PO & Clerk Exams #6

Vocabulary for IBPS, IPPB, RBI, SBI, LIC Exams

Words, their meanings and Synonyms and Antonyms and also, the usage of the word in a sentence. Try to frame as many example sentences as you can, on your own, using the words given below.


Meaning To attract or tempt by something desirable
Synonyms Attraction; Charisma; Charm; Enchantment; Lure; Temptation; Coax; Persuade; Wile;
Antonyms Discourage; Dissuade; Warn; Repel; Threaten;
Example Smartphones have made the allure of new information available anytime, anywhere.


Meaning A strong, wavelike forward movement
Synonyms Rush; Deluge; Flood; Gush; Outpouring; Surf; Swell; Rise; Roll; Stream;
Antonyms Abatement; Failure; Reduction; Failure; Stagnation; Lessening;
Example Amid this constant surge of information, attention has become our most precious asset.

General English - Vocabulary for IBPS, IPPB, RBI, SBI, LIC Exams


Meaning Lack of similarity
Synonyms Inequality; Difference; Divergence; Imbalance; Variation; Unlikeness; Incongruity; Unevenness;
Antonyms Alikeness; Equality; Sameness; Similarity; Likeness;
Example Racial disparity is extreme and caries through all types of social measures.

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Meaning Something to be done for some reasons
Synonyms Responsibility; Agreement; Burden; Cause; Bond; Contract; Compulsion; Duty; Engagement; Liability; Promise; 
Antonyms Break; Renege; Reverse; Welsh;
Example The obligation of the programmer to constantly monitor his inbox undoubtedly reduces the amount and quality of code he produces.


Meaning A public or formal expression of disapproval; To speak in an angry and critical way;
Synonyms Admonishment; Blame; Castigation; Grooming; Censure; Rebuke; Reproof; Scolding; Chiding; 
Antonyms Forgiveness; Praise; Reward; Acclaim; Applause; Boost; Cheer; Citation; Esteem;
Example The manager is unlikely to be reprimanded, for his distracting e-mails, as there is no clear evidence of their damage.

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