December 06, 2016

English - Vocabulary for IBPS PO & Clerk exams #3

Vocabulary for IBPS PO & Clerk exams


  • A sudden sharp drop or rapid decline
  • Syn: Decline, Decrease, Decent, Fall, Duck, Tumble, Submersion, Diminution, Downturn, Lapse
  • Ant: Ascent, Elevation, Increase, Continuity, Upgrade, Progress, Endure, Last, Ramble
  • Eg: The market values were in a nosedive.


  • A written message or letter from an official source
  • Syn: Epistle, Memo, Note, Report, Memorandum, Directive, Notation, Notice
  • Eg: CM to send missive to centre on cash


  • To burn
  • Syn: Scorch, Sear, Cauterise, Blisterd, Parched, Blaze, Combust, Conflagrate, Cremate, Ignite, Incinerate
  • Ant: Cool, Extinguis, Put out, Smother, Wet, Quench
  • Four men charred to death as their vehicle catches fire.
  • English Vocabulary for SBI, IBPS PO, Clerk, RBI exams


  • Total or partial darkness; A state of depression
  • Syn: Melancholy, Depression, Anguish, Bitterness, Blues, Catatonia, Dismal, Distress, Doldrums, Grief, Malaise, Saturninity, Sorrow, Vexation, Weariness
  • Ant: Cheer, Encouragement, Happiness, Joy, Sparkle, Vivaciousness, Brightness
  • Chennai casts shadow over capital as gloom over Jaya health spreads


  • To accuse a public official before an appropriate tribunal of misconduct in office.
  • Syn: Denounce, Censure, Accuse, Charge, Criminate, Disparage, Impugn, Inculpate, Indict, Reprehend, Question
  • Ant: Elect, Admit, Designate, Nominate
  • The ministers started a move to impeach the judge.
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