December 01, 2016

Spotting Errors for IBPS, SBI, RBI, Insurance, SSC exams #1

Correction of sentences for IBPS PO & Clerk, SBI PO & Clerk, RBI Grade B & Assistant, Insurance and SSC exams

Read each sentence to find if there is any grammatical error in it. If there is any error, it will be only in one part of the sentence. 

  1. The government’s move / to demonetisation high value / currency notes is imposing / significant costs on the economy. 
  2. Millions standing in queues to / get cash, individuals unable to buy / essentials, the disrupted of small / business, trade, transport and agriculture.
  3. Lower rates would boost spending and / help offset the huge shock to aggregate / demand caused the withdrawal of 86 percent / of currency from the system at one stroke.
  4. If the difference between the / rate on Indian securities that / on dollar securities becomes wide, / foreign investors will want to exit.
  5. Banks will have to park / with the RBI, at zero return, / all the deposits they got during / the period September 16 to November 11.
  6. English for IBPS PO, Clerk mains, SBI, RBI Assistant Exams
  7. The RBI wants to ensure that / deposits that have flowed into the system thereafter / do not lead to “excess liquidity”, / that is, more funds than banks know what to do.
  8. The lower the capital / that banks hold, / the lesser / is ability to make loans.
  9. In that situation, / it is unrealistic to except that / a surge in deposits would translate / into higher credit growth
  10. In an economy that is open to capital flows, / we have to take to account the effect of / a decline in interest rates not just on domestic investors / in the real economy but also on foreign investors in Indian debt securities.
  11. This does not take away / the fact that demonetisation / can result in lower interest rates / over the long run.


  1. to demonetise. (here, it should be to + verb)
  2. the disruption of (here, of should come after a noun; noun + of + noun; here, disruption + of + business)
  3. demand caused 'by' the (by is missing)
  4. Indian securities 'and' that ('between' & 'and' come together)
  5. in instead of during ('during' says about a period of time, 'in' specifies a particular time. Here, they mentioned 'September 16 to November 11' clearly)
  6. than banks know what to do 'with'. ('with' is missing. 'to do with' is a phrasal verb, which show the connection to the previous mentioning in this sentence)
  7. 'their' ability to make loans ('their' instead of 'is'; here we are talking about banks, which is a plural)
  8. unrealistic to 'expect' that (expect instead of except)
  9. take 'into' account ('into' instead of 'to'; 'take into account' is an idiomatic phrase)
  10. This does not take away 'from' ('take away from' is a phrasal verb of take)
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Para Jumbles / Scrambled Sentences for IBPS, SBI, RBI, SSC & CSAT exams

Para Jumbles / Scrambled Sentences for IBPS, SBI, RBI, SSC & CSAT exams

Para Jumbles / Scrambled Sentences for IBPS, SBI, RBI, SSC & CSAT exams

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