December 30, 2016

English - Vocabulary for IBPS PO & Clerk #4

Vocabulary for IBPS, RBI, LIC, SBI exams


A naval vessel ranging in size from a destroyer escort to a cruiser, frequently armed with guided missiles

Syn: Boat, Sailboat, Vessel, Ship, Warship

eg: The state defence agency deployed six frigates.


Originating in and characteristic of a particular region; Native

Syn: Native, Inborn, Aboriginal,  Domestic, Homegrown, Inherent, Natural, Original

Ant:  Alien, Foreign

eg: The conversation around who is and who isn't indigenous happens often in the indigenous community.

Vocabulary for IBPS PO & Clerk RBI Assistant, LIC AAO, SBI PO & Clerk, CSAT exams


A lightly armed fast ship used mostly for convoy escort

eg: The Myanmar navy commissioned its first missile guided corvette.


One following or behind the other; 

Idiom: In Tandem - in association

eg: Economy shrank this year in tandem with Venezuela crisis.


Using or giving in great amounts.

Syn: Profuse, Splendid, Abundant, Copious, Effusive, Excessive, Liberal, Luxurious, Prodigal, Sumptuous, Pamper, Shower, Deluge

Ant: Economical, Scanty, Scarce, Small, Spare, Hoard, Limit

eg: CEO showers employees with lavish Caribbean cruise.

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