November 20, 2016

Fill in the Blanks 1 - General English for IBPS PO and Clerk exams

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In the previous post, we learned  the concepts and formulas in Profit, Loss and Discount chapter of Quantitative Aptitude.

Now, let's do some Fill in the blanks under General English.

The below sentences are taken from The Hindu Daily News Paper.

Fill in the Blanks for IBPS PO and Clerk exams

  1. The air is thick under the slow _____ of the machines and the _____ suspension of off-white dust of the yarn.
    1. Fuss, Soild
    2. Grumble, Steady
    3. Moan, Sure
    4. Protest, Unstable
  2. The appointments that he already announced have only _____ fears that the hardline racial and religious _____ that defined his campaign could continue into the government.
    1. Fueled, Agenda
    2. Nourished, Diary
    3. Discouraged, Calander
    4. Delivered, Program
  3. The Democrats fear that the incoming administration will push a _____ agenda.
    1. Divisive
    2. Harmonious
    3. Concordant
    4. Quiet
  4. They _____ the Justice Department into _____  measures to protect civil and human rights.
    1. Conducted, Intense
    2. Anticipated, Energetic
    3. Steered, Proactive
    4. Betrayed, Zealous
  5. Based on the _____ for our nation’s civil rights laws, his fitness to be the chief protector and enforcer of them falls into _____  question
    1. Disdain, Dire
    2. Respect, Cruel
    3. Aversion, Fortunate
    4. Admiration, Woeful
  6. He was denied appointment as a federal judge in 1986 for a _____ of racist comments
    1. Magnitude
    2. Slew
    3. Jumble
    4. Few
  7. To appoint an Attorney-General who dismisses the need for these critical protections is even more _____ and _____.
    1. Cheap, Competent
    2. Loathsome, Suitable
    3. Virtuous, Displeasing
    4. Despicable, Unacceptable
  8. Instead of embracing the _____ that fueled his campaign rallies, I urge President-elect Trump to reverse his _____ decision to nominate Senator Sessions
    1. Discrimination, Obscure
    2. Bigotry, Apparent
    3. Tolerance, Superficial
    4. Benevolence, Probable
  9. Mr. Flynn is a _____ of closer relations with Russia, a key piece of Mr. Trump’s worldview that contradicts bipartisan consensus in the U.S and Republican _____ .
    1. Addict, Dubiety
    2. Devotee, Disbelief
    3. God, Doctrine
    4. Votary, Orthodoxy
  10. Flynn’s appointment as NSA raises concerns not only from the domestic political _____ but also regarding what it _____ to U.S.’ relations with the world.
    1. Outlook, Express
    2. Perspective, Entails
    3. Panorama, Explicit
    4. Mindset, State


  1. Grumble, Steady
  2. Fueled, Agenda
  3. Divisive
  4. Steered, Proactive
  5. Disdain, Dire
  6. Slew
  7. Despicable, Unacceptable
  8. Bigotry, Apparent
  9. Votary, orthodoxy
  10. Perspective, Entails

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