August 26, 2016

Vocabulary 1 - General English for IBPS PO and Clerk exams

Hello friends,

In the previous post we learned Time and Work problems in Quantitative Aptitude.

Now, we will learn some new words, improve your vocabulary.

General English for IBPS PO and Clerk exams

Vocabulary for IBPS PO and Clerk exams


  • To recover from sickness or exhaustion;
  • Synonyms: Recovery; Betterment; Cure; Healing; Regeneration; Rebirth; Revival; Resurgence;
  • eg: The judge had been posted to this district more for rest and recuperation.


  • Sudden; almost overwhelming;
  • Synonyms: Series; Deluge; Flood; Outpouring; Rush; String; Torrent; Wave
  • eg: There was a spate of rumors about his arrival.


  • A person who is strict in moral or religious matters.
  • Synonyms: Proper; Strict;
  • eg: He was an old order Puritan type Hindu.


  • A puzzling or inexplicable situation; A person of puzling or contradictory character;
  • Synonyms: Mystery; Gordian Knot; Crux; Cryptogram; Parable; Puzzle; Riddle; Secret; Sphinx; Teaser; Twister;
  • eg: She finds her husband sometimes to be an enigma.


  • A leisurely walk or ramble;
  • Synonyms: Stroll; Promenade; Ramble; Turn; Walk;
  • Antonyms: Run;
  • eg: On some days he would saunter in the room or go to the bathroom.

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