August 05, 2016

The Hindu Vocabulary for SBI, IBPS, RBI, LIC, SSC & UPSC exams #1

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Let's learn some new words... These words are from The Hindu daily news paper

  1. Stalemate 
    • Deadlock, Delay, Arrest, Pause, Stand still
    • X Headway, Progress
  2. Contentious
    • = Tending to argument, Quarrelsome, Combative, Belligerent, Petulant, Perverse
  3. Tweak
    • = Adjust, Jerk, Pinch, Tease
  4. Levy
    • = Assessment, Tax, Custom, Burden, Fee, Impost, Toll, Muster, Charge, Extort, Summon
    • X Veto, Disapprove
  5. Threshold 
    • = Opening, Beginning, Doorstep, Edge, Entrance, Gate, origin, Verge, Vestibule
  6. Inflation
    • = Substantial rise in prices, Increase, Boost, Escalation, Hike, Expansion, Rise, Distension
    • X Deflation, Compression, Shrinkage, Decrease
  7. Regress
    • = To move backward, Return to earlier way of doing things, Backslide, Degenerate, Ebb, Deteriorate, Lapse, Retreat, Sink
    • X Develop, Grow, Progress
  8. Repercussion
    • = An effect or result; Consequence, Echo, Backlash, Impact, Influence, Rebound, Side effect, Reverberation, Backfire
    • X Cause, Inception, Origin, Source
  9. Spur
    • = Stimulus, Catalyst, Activation, Impulse, Trigger, Urge, Motive, Inducement, Prompt
    • X Curb, Hindrance, Discourage, Dissuade
  10. Bolster
    • = Help, Aid, Assist, Boost, Bulwark, Carry, Hold Up, Sustain, Strengthen
    • X Hinder, Obstruct, Prevent, Undermine
*(= means synonyms; X means antonyms)

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