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March 31, 2018

Current Affairs for IBPS, SBI, RBI, Insurance, UPSC and SSC exams

March 20, 2018

1st March 2018 - Current affairs for SBI PO, RBI grade B officers, SBI clerk, UPSC exams

1st March 2018 - current affairs for SBI PO, RBI grade B officers, SBI clerk, UPSC exams

1st March 2018 - Current affairs for SBI PO, RBI grade B officers, SBI clerk, UPSC exams
  1. What percent of GDP growth was reported by the central statistical office in the December quarter of 2017 to 18? 
  2. What is the Mascot for Tokyo 2020 Olympics selected by the elementary school kids?
  3. Which company along with its units has filed for bankruptcy in the National Company Law Tribunal Mumbai?
  4. To bring the taleban into the binding please process is the Last Stand desperate attempt by the president of Afghanistan to end the world's most incredible war. Who is the president of Afghanistan?
  5. Employees Provident Fund Organisation has made it mandatory to file online claim for withdrawal of above how much amount under the employees pension scheme 1995 question mark
  6. With which company did the Catholic Syrian Bank Limited has tied up to offer the banks customers online trading and Demat services?
  7. Which Lake has emerged as the single largest habitat of irrawaddy dolphins in the world with the spotting of 155 such animals?
  8. What is the growth forecast for India in 2019 according to the moody investor service Global growth forecast?
  9. Who has been appointed as the group chief risk officer of the Punjab National Bank?
  10. Which government has given its approval to a proposal to bring in a legislation that would have a provision awarding death penalty to those guilty of raping girls aged 12 years or less?
  11. Where did the Union Minister of Civil Aviation mr Ashok gajapathi Raju inaugurated the country's first aviation multi skill development centre?
  12. Which ministry has started the process to setup the country's first defence Industrial Corridor linking Chennai with 4 other cities of Tamilnadu to promote Industries manufacturing weapons and military equipment?


  1. 7.2%
  2. Blue checked, doe eyed character with pointy ears
  3. Aircel
  4. Ashraf Ghani
  5. Rupees 5 lacs
  6. Celebrus Capital Limited
  7. Chilka lake in Orissa
  8. 7.5%
  9. A K Pradhan
  10. Haryana
  11. Chandigarh airport old terminal
  12. Defence ministry

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March 19, 2018

Vocabulary for SBI PO, RBI grade B, IBPS PO, SSC exams #32

Vocabulary for SBI PO, SBI Clerk, RBI Assistant, RBI grade B, IBPS Clerk, IBPS PO, IBPS RRB, SSC CGL & CHSL exams

Vocabulary for SBI PO, RBI grade B, IBPS PO, SSC exams


too powerful to be defeated
Example: The sun is invincible, unconquerable, the highest ideal of the self and the highest aspiration of the soul.


Be filled with love; have a liking or admiration for
Example: When she and I met, we were very enamoured of each other.


Impress someone so much that they are silent
Example: We were the only people in there at the time and The Silence completely overawed us.


A person Showing a lack of experience wisdom or judgement
Example: He was naive about this due to his in experience.


Loyalty or commitment to a superior
Example: How can you justify allegiance to a different city if you do not live there?

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Holding of an office or the period during which one is held
Example: During his income Bansi he established an epidemic warning system


A town or district which is an administrative unit
Example: Earlier this week, he called an urgent meeting between the club, Highway town Council and the borough.


Sit or stand with one leg on either side of
Example: I slipped my leg over the side and straddled the bike


A period of brief or casual involvement with something
Example: My relationship with cigarettes has changed from a casual dalliance to a dominant dependency


A hope or ambition of achieving something
Example: In my Inauguration speech last year I expressed my hopes and aspirations for the year


Having a limited or narrow Outlook or scope
Example: We are sick of the parochial attitudes of those we elect.

Revel in

Get great pleasure from a situation or experience
Example: I was reveling in this situation and did not want to end it soon.


Dignity, seriousness or solemnity of manner
Example: He doesn't possess the personal gravitas to speak convincingly of great political ideas.


Approval or praise
Example: His participation in the parade implies acceptance, approval, aprobation

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March 08, 2018

Current Affairs for SSC, SBI, IBPS, RBI & UPSC Exams - February 2nd 2018

February 2nd 2018 daily current affairs for SBI, IBPS, RBI, SSC & UPSC exams

Current Affairs for SSC, SBI, IBPS, RBI & UPSC Exams - February 2nd 2018
Which country has become the first low income country to provide Universal eye care for its 12 million population?

What are the four rivers that have been declared National waterways by the union government?

What was announced by the finance minister in his budget speech to make villages open defecation free?

With which Bank did the government signed a hundred million dollar loan Agreement to promote rural economy in select blocks of Tamilnadu?

Finance minister Arun Jaitley proposed the construction of New tunnel in which states to improve connectivity?

What is the scheme introduced in the budget 2018 that will make India the world's largest Healthcare program?

Who has been awarded this year's Sahitya Akademi Bhasha Samman award ?

Who won gold in the Indian open boxing tournament in the 48 KG Class among women?

How much amount has been allotted as capital expenditure target for Railways by the finance minister in his budget speech?

Capital gains from property transactions will have to be invested for a minimum of how many years to avail tax exemption?

To what percent was the corporate tax rate lED used by the finance minister Arun Jaitley, which will be a big boost to the small and medium enterprises?

Indian Railways all new 12000 horsepower electric locomotive is being produced in collaboration with which country?

What was the name of the book by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for class 10 and 12 students on how to deal with board exam stress?

To how much amount was the military spending increased in 2018 by the government?

What was made a mandatory for by the government for an entity conducting financial transactions of rupees 2.5 lacs or more?

Where will the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister lay the foundation stone for Universal peace Retreat centre?

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General awareness for SSC exams Set 14

General awareness for SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS & SO exams

General awareness for SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS & SO exams

In which country the convention that once a speaker is always a speaker is followed?

Who was the president of the constituent assembly of India?

How did the constitution of India describes India as?

Is the common feature of both Indian Federation and American Federation?

When was the Constitution of India adopted?

When was our National Anthem first sung and where?

How many articles are there in the Indian Constitution?

When did Indian Penal Code came into operations?

What was described as the heart and soul of the Constitution by Dr BR Ambedkar?

What are the two forms of democracy?

From which country was the method of impeachment of the President of India adopted?

When was the Drafting of the Constitution completed?

From which constitution was the concept of single citizenship in India adopted?

What is direct democracy?

What are the two basic principles of liberal theory of democracy as emphasised by John Locke?

Answers and Explanations

March 01, 2018

Current affairs for SBI, IBPS, SSC, RBI, UPSC exams - 1 Feb 2018

1st February 2018 - current affairs for SBI, IBPS, SSC, RBI, UPSC exams

Current affairs for SBI, IBPS, SSC, RBI, UPSC exams - 1 Feb 2018

India has slipped to 42nd place on The Economist intelligence unit annual Global democracy index. Norway has stopped this list followed by Iceland and Sweden.

Maharashtra government to give sanitary pad to 700000 girls at rupees 5 a pack. It intends to increase the percentage of usage of sanitary pads to 75% from the current 17% in rural Maharashtra.

The supreme court directed that single judge benches shall not be constituted to hear matters in National green tribunal.

NASA named Seven Hills on planet Mars after the seven crew members, including India-born astronaut kalpana Chawla, of Space shuttle Columbia who lost their lives while returning from their mission.

Finance minister Arun Jaitley said in his Union budget 2018 speech that India is expected to register a growth rate of 7.2 to 7.5% in the second half of the current fiscal and is on way to becoming the fifth largest economy in the world.

Indian Navy launched INS karanj, III of the six indigenous scorpene class submarine.

Axis Bank launches the 4th edition of evolve in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. It is an annual multi city knowledge series for the banks SME customers.

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Union budget 2018 was presented by finance minister arun Jaitley, agriculture got Prime attention in the union budget.

In the union budget 2018 to 19, Arun Jaitley announced that no change has been made in the personal income tax rates.

In the budget, he also announced that the president's monthly salary will be increased to rupees 5 lacs from the earlier rupees 1.5 Lakh. S

In the union budget Arun Jaitley announced at the world's largest government funded Healthcare program with rupees 5 lakh annual cover for family for 10 crore poor families.

Government will pay the 12% of wages to Employees Provident Fund contribution on behalf of new employees in all sections for the next 3 years.

Finance minister Arun Jaitley in the union budget 2018 announced that 8 crore poor woman will be provided with free LPG connections under Ujjwala scheme.

Saubhagya scheme will provide power to 4 crore families and that the government will spend rupees 16000 crore on the scheme.

He said that every block with more than 50% St population and at least 20000 tribal people will have an Ekalavya model Residential School by 2022.

Social security will be provided to aged, widows and orphanage children.

Government is targeting to construct 2 crore new toilets in the next financial year.

Mr Jaitley has allocated rupees 22356.6 crore for swachh Bharat mission.

He said government will focus on strengthening rural, cultural economy.

The government will develop 22000 gramin agricultural markets.

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February 25, 2018

Vocabulary for SBI PO, SBI clerk, RBI grade B officers and SSC CHSL exams #31

Vocabulary for SBI PO, SBI clerk, RBI grade B officers and SSC CHSL exams

Vocabulary for SBI PO, SBI clerk, rBI grade B officers and SSC CHSL exams


The quality of being reticent(Not revealing one's thoughts or feelings readily)


Move away aimlessly from a group or from the right course for place.


An active revolt or uprising

Off the cuff

Without preparation


A reply which is especially a sharp or witty one.


The task or area of responsibility assigned to an individual or organisation


Bring or recall a memory or image to the conscious mind.

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